from the Album: NaFTftEoT – Nightmares & Fairy Tales for the End of Times

by Mila Chiral


Mila Chiral Life is an Ocean

Premiere of NaFTftEoT

Sept 23 – 26 2021 premiere at Uferstudios Für Zeitgenössischen Tanz Berlin – with video art | live performances | & the official limited edition double vinyl release of my album which happened to be the seed for this collective project, a multi-dimensional space, where different vibrating beings‘ dynamic artworks connected to the past and the future, dystopian and utopian visions, and material of different colours and shapes meet through oscillations of sound and light to create unique moments for the ones who are there to perceive those sensations, ready for shared experiences and individual traces in each ones memory to unfold to stories any kind – to be told and shared in their own rhythms…
14 interdisciplinary artists collaborated in this dystopian-utopian project together exploring times & spaces with sounds, visuals, bodies, colors, looping, morphing, changing in physical & digital visual & sound choreographies.