Beatrice Babin was born in Munich in 1964.

She studied philosophy and cinema at the Munich University (LMU) in Germany with a degree about Federico Fellini: the clown as a shape at the border between life and death.

During the 80s and 90s she made long trips to New York, Brasil and Africa and worked as a theatre dramaturge and photographer.

In the late 90s Beatrice Babin started as a video artist.

With the beginning of the new millenium she worked mostly as an editor for fiction and documentary films. Beatrice Babin is very thankful to Emily Atef, Volker Koepp, Micah Magee, Wael Shawky, Michael Klette, Codula Kablitz, Wim Wenders, Markus Imhoof … and all the others who have taken her to their adventures and shaped her view.

The last adventure was the documentary film „ELDORADO“, directed by Markus Imhoof, which was Switzerland’s official submission for the 91st Academy Awards / Foreign Language Film Competition.

Just recently Beatrice Babin aka BeBab is going back to her video-art-roots with live video performances.  Constantly she is preforming V-J sets with the feministic VJ collective Trial-and-Theresa  from her series: star-infused, inspired from a poem of Rimbaud, octopussis and prostitutes in trailers between the woods and a federal road.

2018 Beatrice Babin was part of the photo class of Thomas Meyer at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. There she developed as a photographer her project „SnowWhite&RoseRed“. 3 fotos of the serie has been part of  the group exhibition „Identität II“ at the Kunstraum Bethanien in Berlin 25.4. – 5.5.2019. Since 2019 she is devoloping in the photo class of Joakim Eskildsen at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie her photobook „SnowWhite&RoseRed“. It is a work & progress project.


There are many ways to express herself, as a film editor, a live video performer or a photographer. First of all Beatrice Babin is a visual artist. Central to her artistic work are dreams of a future, which sometimes already are the past. It seems to be a narrow line between memory and invention. Through the dream level, Beatrice Babin tries to approach the topic of identity. Her work plays with different levels, transitions and memories.




selection of my video / installation / projections

THE LAST TANGO OF KASSEL (1997) Video installation based on an idea by Moritz Rinke in the Kulturbahnhof, Documenta X, Kassel with Mario Adorf and others.

Hotel Arcadia (1999) DigiArt Preis Frankfurt 1999, Venice Biennale 2000

ECSTASY 99 (1999) (performance with Videoletten + Super8) in JUBINAL Berlin + Postfuhramt Berlin-Mitte: Und ab die Post 1999!

TRASH. (1998) Oberhausen, Festival: „Beware of Presence“ (Video + Super8)

WHEN I’M 68 + BErlin goes underground (1999), 4th Prater Festival – Berlin


selection of edited films / fiction

STAY STILL (2018) P Cala Film D Elisa Mishto D Farbfilm

THE BEAUTIFUL DAYS OF ARANJUEZ, (2016) 3D, P Neue Road Movies, Alfama Films D Wim Wenders   D Warners / NFP

In Love with Lou (2016) , 4K P: Avanti M. D Cordula Kablitz-Post D Senator

Solness (2015) , 4K P, Schiwago Film D Michael Klette D Basis-Film


Kill me, Tue Moi (2012) , 35 mm P: Niko Film, Wüste Film West D Emily Atef D Farbfilm world sales les films du losange

The Red Room (2010) 35 mmP: Moana Film R Rudolf Thome, D Prometheus

THE STRANGER IN ME (2008) 35mm P: Niko Film D: Emily Atef, Cannes 2008: Semaine International de la critique           


selection of edited films / documentaries

Eldorado (2018) , HD, D Markus Imhoof D Majestic F Berlinale 2018 (competition)

IN SARMATIA (2013), 35mm, P: Vineta Film, D: Volker Koepp, D Salzgeber

SONG FROM THE FOREST (2013) HD P: Tondowski Films, D: Michael Obert

WHERE THE CONDORS FLY (2011) HD P: Mira Film, D: Carlos Klein

PINK GANG (2010), HD P: La Sarraz, Tama Film Produktion, D: Enrico Bisi            

BERLIN, STETTIN (2009), 35mm, P: Vineta Film, D: Volker Koepp, D Salzgeber


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